Money, Money, Money…€£$

Another week goes by another week filled with transfer swill but along with that we actually saw some real movement happening. We’re only in early July and we have already seen the big boys make some telling moves in the market. Chelsea have brought in Rudiger in the most cringe filled way possible thus far (the transfer season is young so expect that to be topped before long, until now Stoke led the way). Man Utd have brought in Lukaku in the biggest move yet with Rooney heading in the other direction. Man City started the earliest with Silva coming in from Monaco and Liverpool have also brought in Salah from Roma. We have also followed suit with the incomings of Kolasinac, fairly early, secondly with Lacazette finally coming over to wear the red and white after years of both parties flirting with the idea. Big money moves already being made with more to come I’m sure.

Our biggest challenge of the summer will be around Alexis Sanchez. To sell or not to sell, that is the question. I think the question is actually quite a simple one. The answer is an emphatic NO. We are not in a position of financial discomfort where we could be made to sell. We paid somewhere close to £35m for the mercurial Chilean and to gain 2 FA Cups and one more year where we are well and truly looking to push for the Premier League title, it’s a fairly good return. Think of the level of investment that the likes of Liverpool and Sp*rs have made over the years and come to no avail. It’s no crying shame that we have actually managed to win 2 major trophies in his time here with a season to come. The argument is we could lose out on a potential £50m in revenue to reinvest into the team, but you have to consider that a club selling their best player doesn’t look like the most attractive place to be for a top tier signing. It may well free up some funds but those funds are not really going to be able to be reinvested into a spectacular signing so why bother? The simple reason I say that is because there are no top tier forwards available for a move. Aubameyang looks to have his eyes turned elsewhere and is 28 years old, so an unlikely Wenger signing especially with the prices being what they are today. Griezmann is also a non mover. Kane will be staying put. Lewandowski, despite what his agent says, looks to be staying put. Cavani won’t move when he’s finally become PSGs first choice forward. There are simply no replacements available of a similar or better quality. Mbappe, whilst explosive, is still far from the finished article so even if we were to pull off the unthinkable and land him he would still be no Alexis Sanchez. This alone makes me feel as though we should risk it and hold on to him. It’s not dissimilar to the Suarez situation where he gave them one more year by signing a contract and clearly having an agreement to leave the club after one more season. They almost won the title that year and we arguably have a more complete squad right now so it could be the recipe for success.

I do feel however that we need to tie him down to some sort of agreement for this situation to work well for both parties and not in anyway have an adverse bearing on the outcome of our season. I feel as though why not get him to sign a one year extension and see what happens over the next season, however giving him the blessing to leave if the season doesn’t pan out the way we or he really wants it to then he can have everyones blessing to leave. We would get our fee, he would get his move (hopefully abroad) if it indeed comes to that. Winning the league might change all of that but why not try and roll the dice monsieur Wenger?

The rumours are flying around that Mesut Ozil is also a little tetchy about his position at the club. He looks as though he is happy to stay publicly however the contract situation not having been resolved is somewhat concerning. The thing is, he is not going to agree to anything until he fully knows what Alexis Sanchez has agreed to. He has a good point, he will put himself alongside Alexis Sanchez in terms of importance to the club, and I would have to agree, so he will want parity with what Alexis is earning. It will likely be both of their last big contracts and therefore they will want to earn a tidy sum when signing them. I wouldn’t be too concerned at it all, however Wenger will want these situations resolved sooner rather than later to avoid a last minute dash around the bargain basement to save our squad. I’m convinced it won’t get to that so I’d think we’ll have a solution to the problem in the next 2 weeks or so, before the Emirates cup fun kicks off.

There’s not much more to say other than the pursuit of Lemar continues and the fate of Mbappe (though it looks to be with Monaco) needs to be resolved. One thing I would like to add is the atrocity of the betting industry in relation to the transfer market. On at least 4 occasions have I seen Sky Sports make a statement based on their ‘sources’ with regards to a transfer rumour and a flurry of bets occur alongside a reduced set of odds on Skybet. It’s an absolute disgrace and needs to be looked at a little more closely. There are journalists involved on this front as well with their rumours coinciding with the ‘Sky sources’ which you would think gives the rumour credence. It does not, it makes the already murky world of gambling even murkier. We live in a world where depression and desperation are commonplace amongst society and this really is something that needs to be investigated further to ensure that the people who are suffering from an addiction to the habit, aren’t taken advantage of. Sky used to be a reliable source in that it would only report on confirmed dealings and would rarely get things wrong, however the desperate want for money has reached even the big corporations. The exception is that they have far more they can lose before being damaged in any way.

Have a wonderful week folks, and don’t be suckered in.

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