My first blog post in two new spheres…

What was a Tumblr blog started up simply due to wanting an outlet to discuss All Things Arsenal Football Club, has now become a WordPress site. It has pictures and everything. Really professional looking. Seriously. Secondly this post will also be appearing on the new www.afcstuff.com site. In actual fact it is already there. What is this place? It feels different. Good. But different. In all seriousness I’m truly excited that my ramblings are now going to be available on afcstuff.com. The fact that my platform for generating debate and discussion is growing is great and that’s the point. Generating debate and discussion with likeminded folk (and the not so likeminded) is what it’s about. It’s what keeps us sane. It’s what keeps me from invading the ears of less inclined and actually delivers things on a platform that people want to read, listen, discuss and engage in. So for that I say thank you for reading.

There’s less than a week to go before we begin the new Premier League season and I for one am excited. There’s plenty of transfer guff still going on and we all know what we need so there’s no point in further discussing it. Mustafi, Mahrez and a Griezmann or Aubameyang shaped striker would be spectacular. I feel like Mustafi will come in before the season kicks off purely because of Gabriel’s injury, Mahrez may well follow suit purely because I just don’t think Le Boss trusts Walcott or the Ox wide right and the fabled striker will come down to deadline day purely because if it’s a big deal then it’s likely to have dominos that require tumbling as we all know we don’t do deals the easy way. On top of that, going forward we actually looked decent in pre-season so I’m a little more ok with that. It’s ludicrous planning as always from us and it’s beyond a joke now but there’s no point in dwelling on it. Nothing is going to change now. Let’s just leave it there.

With regards to the season kicking off itself I can’t wait. After a poor European Championships and some quite tasty incomings for the Premier League, it’s going to be great to see Pep’s version of Man City, Conte’s energy at Chelsea and Jose’s shithousery at United. Actually scratch that, no one is excited to see that tosser up to his old antics. I’m more excited about being able to properly hate United all over again. That game is going to be one tasty occasion. I really hope that we tear them apart. I still can’t believe that he subbed a sub at the Community Shield final. Height was the reason for Mata being subbed off apparently, this when his replacement was around a whole 2 inches taller. What a terrible, terrible man. As awful as he is, seeing his demise at some point over the next couple of years will be fun. What’s unquestionable is that we have some of the best managers in the Premier League and the pressure cooker that is football in England is going to create some quite brilliant drama this season. God that sounds like a Sky advert, but still, it’s the truth. We’ve all craved it and been lost without it. Raging about transfers has become tiresome, boring and very de ja vu like. There’s just no joy in raging, and while I’m not someone who drinks the coolade I just can’t help but feel excited about the new season. Watching something, that is designed to bring us some joy and an escape from the routine of everyday life has fast become a platform for hate. It’s a shame and a quite brilliant article by @F365 I read really does put things into perspective – you can read it here. We live in a time where the sadder things in life are growing day by day, football is one thing that can help us escape this stuff and see some genuinely beautiful and show-stopping moments. Embrace it.

Football wise we had a quite brilliant performance vs Viking FK with an 8-0 win. We followed that with another good performance with a 3-2 win vs Man City in Gothenburg. It was a typical Arsenal performance with chances made and missed followed by a City goal. We fought back with some good team goals and come cagey Joe Hart keeping (haven’t seen that before have we???). Terrible defending once again let them back in but in the main it was about fitness and to remain injury free. On that front we failed. Gabriel now looks banjaxed for a fair while and the need for a defensive signing grows evermore. We’ll wait and see what happens with that but fingers crossed something happens quickly.

As I said, we’re less than a week away and I’m excited. We’ve got a decent squad and Liverpool aren’t without their injury woes. We’ve got a chance to start the season on the front foot with a big scalp but I think we will need some luck to do so.

Come. On. You. Gunners.

Have a great week folks!

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