Leave it out…

…And we did. In more ways than one. After infamously exiting the EU, England duly obliged with their own version of leaving Europe with another abject showing against Iceland. Now this is far from a political forum, however I can only echo that the scruples by which the leave voters made their decision has left us all feeling rather dejected. I don’t for one second believe that 52% of the UK is racist, but 52% of people have now given the racists amongst them a platform to speak and be heard. Not to mention that the racists among them now also feel that over half of the UK are on their side. So many people speak of the economic benefits, and there are many of them that I can identify with to a degree but on a moral basis we have now been sent onto a dark path. There are so many people that I know who are personally affected by the situation. So many people that we’ve heard have been subjected to racially infused abuse. So many people I know that have seen this atrocious behaviour first hand. It’s not right and as much as the leave voters will want to stand by their vote by self-justification and ‘reasoning’, they’re trying to convince themselves as well as others, that they’ve made the right decision. This is pretty clear from some of the moronic “I voted leave, but didn’t think it would happen and am now worried” clowns that have made this sort of statement public on the news. Just think, this is only the people who have felt the need to voice their mistakes. Not all people are quite as honest. In addition, the referendum was actioned by David Cameron, who used it as s short term tactic to remain in office. He’s now gone as he wants nothing to do with the consequences of that choice. Furthermore Boris Johnson, someone who was a part of the Leave campaign in a big way, has also put himself out of the running for PM. Even the tossers that came up with the lies on policy (SEE THE BIG RED BUS) are fleeing as they have no faith in their own words. A debacle. A farce. Not only this, but one we can’t go back on unfortunately. Social media and short termism fame and fortune has led to an environment where racism and bigotry has a place. It has been created by so called ‘democracy’ through lies and deceit. A worrying time to be a minority in. Anyway, enough venting on politics…there’s enough football to also be pissed off about.

England managed to balls up a game vs Iceland. A game that we should most definitely have won. A game that we would have won if Roy Hodgson had actually picked a TEAM as opposed to accommodating the incorrect players in the incorrect positions throughout the tournament. Wayne Rooney in my eyes is the single biggest reason that we didn’t function as a team. People (Man Utd fans) suggest that he had a great game vs Russia. He was good in this game, but this was against one of the worst teams at the tournament and in conjunction with this it was a game we drew 1-1! I mean when you’re lauding a player off the back of a performance and result like that you know we’ve sunk lower than low. He was, through no fault of his own, placed in a position where he hadn’t played for England throughout the qualifying campaign. In a position where for Man Utd, once again, he didn’t perform better than in an average capacity. I totally understand that we were missing certain players that enabled the system to work so well in qualifying, but is that reason enough to completely drop the whole system!? Now the reason that he’s been afforded the media bias and a fairly wide acceptance of his role in this position has been because he’s performed there in a “not terrible” capacity. He’s in the “he’s got good feet for a big man” bracket. But really we all know that he is not the best player suited for that position. Now we all know that Jack Wilshere didn’t have the best of it at the Euros (Shearer couldn’t get enough of trying to lay the boot in here, he wasn’t the only one you t*!t!), but he was never played in the right position or with the complimentary personnel around him. To get the best out of your players, and this goes for all players, you need to compliment them with the correct personnel. Dele Alli for example had an atrocious Euro campaign (which no one has mentioned mind) but this was due to him not being surrounded by the right players in the right position. Far from me to feel sorry for him because I think he’s rather annoying, but he gave away the ball a staggering 84 times when he played. More than any other player at the Euros in the same number of games. That’s what happens when you lack a box to box midfielder working in the transition role. He had Moussa Dembele at Sp*rs and didn’t have Wilshere or Barkley for England and therein lays the difference. The one game in which Rooney was left out, Roy went with Wilshere AND Henderson. Similar in their positions, nowhere near similar in quality but they kept getting in each other’s way. Neither of them is a number 10 so it meant that our midfield three were far too close to each other to function efficiently. Terrible management throughout the tournament cost us an opportunity. Even as Hodgson substituted Rooney with 4 minutes to play, his handshake with him looked apologetic frankly. Player power has never been as prominent. More stones would have led to a last 16 game on the right side of the draw. More stones would have led to a quarter final berth vs the host nation France. More stones would have left Wayne Rooney on the bench…The one thing we didn’t ‘Leave’ over the course of the last week.

The lack of balance in the team meant the front line lacked service and in turn some of the front line were out of position as well to a degree. Sturridge was wide right and Vardy wide left with Rooney as the box to box man. No link play and service was the result. The only thing that I can absolve the manager of in the debacle that was our showing at these championships is Kane’s set piece fiasco. Apparently he’s the best in the squad with set pieces. Do me a favour. Wayne Rooney was in the team, for the wrong reasons, but in the team nonetheless and has the capability and history of scoring from and delivering great set pieces so don’t tell me Kane was the ‘best’. Awful, awful, awful allowance of such mediocrity. England aside the tournament has started hotting up. The best of which has seen a fascinating Italy v Germany game followed by one of the best penalty shoot outs I’ve ever seen. Intense. Humour. Drama. Pain. Ecstasy. It had it all. We then had a quite brilliant France v Iceland game with Lloris finally being on the right end of a 5-2 (saw this on Twitter and had to recycle it!).

Onto The Arsenal. It’s been fairly quiet for all things Arsenal this past week or so. Nothing much happening other than the odd rumour here and there for Lukaku, Draxler and Lacazette. Nothing too exciting happening. Once signing for the future made in the form of Takuma Asano. It seems off the back of it that we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. He’s an unheard of like Kante & Mahrez were when bought, which Wenger was lambasted for missing out on. But he also isn’t the shiny, expensive front man we all crave. There is still more to come I’m sure, so don’t panic just yet. Other than that we are all just waiting for the next name to come in. As the Euros draw to a close the dominos should begin to fall. In the mean time we have 3 teams with Arsenal players left in the competition so there could well be a very happy Gunner coming back to pre-season training this term. I would love France to do it, purely because of the atrocities Paris has faced and in addition a home nation winning is always a happy sight. So long as Wales beat Portugal a Gooner will be winning, which makes me happy.

That’s all for this week folks. Have a great week.

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