Incompetence, Injustice, Intolerable

That was one of the worst refereeing performances of all time by none other than pantomime specialist Mike Dean. He always wants to put himself at the forefront of attention in any big game and completely bottles the big decisions as well as making damn sure that HE is the one remembered for the game. We all know that Diego Costa is a cheating tw*t and we should expect nothing less from him. He does it week in week out and no matter what people say about wanting him in your team, I disagree. No I bloody well don’t. He’s the antithesis of Arsenal football club and the epitome of Chelsea football club. Arsenal are a club based on the foundations of doing things the right way and the traditions have been kept alive throughout my time as an Arsenal fan. Chelsea fans may well categorise this as needing to be ‘bad’ to win vs being a ‘nice’ loser. Bollocks to that. There is a reason that they have a hideous excuse for a human being as their manager (eye gouging, disrespectful etc etc), a charged racist as their club captain and a troll of a human leading their line. That’s their way, yet as Wenger put it yesterday, it’s something they’ve been allowed to get away with for far too long. If we had behaved in the same way as Chelsea had they would have been down to 10 men easily. All it would have taken is for Koscielny to stay down and Cech to hold onto the ball for a couple of seconds and everyone’s attention would have been on Costa. However we behaved with normality and class allowing him to get away with it. The fracas that ensued in front of that blind wan*er Mike Dean still only kept Costa at a Yellow card. At this point I still have no idea what Gabriel was booked for, having a problem with Costa being a tw*t apparently. I didn’t see any video replay with Gabriel doing anything to warrant a yellow however one was given. Thereafter Gabriel flicked out whilst walking backwards, was worthy of a straight red. Largely due to Costa being the antagonist “how dare he touch my boot with his, this is worthy of a red I tell you”. Apparently Cesc seemed to agree – it’s just awful to watch. Although Costa slapping Gabriel right in front of Dean’s eyes is actually allowed. It’s a joke. I get that Gabriel ‘reacted’ but that’s the key word here. Reacted. That insinuates that something happened beforehand. And that’s what annoys us all – the provocation, not just a verbal one but a physical one, goes unpunished. A group of 22 men it was supposed to be and a few of them turned into boys. Thereafter Costa felt the need to kick out at The Ox off the ball because of his incredulity at the fact he was dispossessed. I mean how dare someone do that to the best footballer the world has ever seen? Again if the Ox goes down like a sack of shit in the same way Costa does week in week out its a straight red. Costa’ biggest strength is his disgruntled demeanour. He’s not the Joe football we are led to believe. He’s had 2 seasons where he’s scored goals, and not enough to make me feel that he would vastly improve any football team. I don’t even care if he would to be honest, as that magnitude of shithousery is something that I would not want anywhere near the club that I love. He’s definitely a flat track bully in the same way many of our own would describe Giroud. There’s a reason his only goal this season has been vs Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Too honest and soft they say of us if we behave this way. Too naive to fall for the ‘trap’ if we stand up to it as Gabriel did. When I use the term ‘trap’ I use it loosely as Costa is clearly a few lightbulbs short so I’m not so sure about his ‘genius’ in this game. It’s a lose lose situation as the only way we could have come away with anything would have been through fair officiating. It’s what cost us the game. At 0-0 the game was evenly poised and Chelsea were marginally on top, as we were at the Emirates last season, however that’s never indicative of a final result. A game that could have gone either way was pushed in one direction simply because of the terrible, terrible refereeing from Mike Dean. He needs demoting to the lower leagues for weeks if he’s to learn anything as well as realise he’s been involved in a balls up of the highest magnitude.

They say these things have a way of evening out over the course of the season, however it never seems to be the case where Arsenal v Chelsea is concerned. I really do hope that the universe equalises this quite unbalanced bias that seems to favour Chelsea in recent times. 2 away games lost in our run of 4 – a massive response will now be needed, however I’m encouraged. A team of 9 men and Chelsea only managed to score an additional deflected goal against us – it showed real fight and desire. I really think that this sort of injustice can galvanise the squad to want it more and we may see a changed beast in us over the coming weeks.

Thankfully West Ham continued their giant killing season with a win over City to keep things as they were distance wise from the top. Now I don’t say this as a throw away comment, but for them to beat Arsenal, Liverpool and City all away from home is a massive statement. I can’t remember when the last time was that we beat 3 massive teams away from home. Now I’m not talking title challenge but top 4 surely needs to be something that is in the back of Hammers’ fans minds. If they can do this against 3 big boys it’s not just a one off. They could be the Southampton of this season but in Payet they truly have a gem of a player that maybe Southampton didn’t. That X-factor type player that could well lead them on their charge to Europe. It’s refreshing to say the least.

Onto the North London Derby now – pride and belief needs restoring. Come on you Gunners.


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