Progress, Check! vs Progress check…

After another quite good weekend of football where a fair few results went our way, namely ours and that of Chelsea and to a certain extent the Liverpool result as well you can’t help but be a little happier and walk with a slight skip in your step come the first morning back at work. I really have no idea what’s happening to Jose over at the bridge but I can’t say I’m not enjoying it. The man has begun to blame their computer equipment, which is downright hilarious. It makes for what might be an odd game next weekend, as even though Chelsea don’t look the same outfit as they did last year we don’t quite look on song either. My money would be on a draw as we just don’t seem to be quite clinical enough but a result in favour of either club will be monumental. A win for us and the monkey is well and truly off our back and we can focus on a potential title challenge. Defeat for us means that the same old soft underbelly exists for “when it really matters” (more on this statement later). A win for Chelsea means that the first few weeks were an anomaly and it will well and truly kick start their season, whilst defeat for them will mean that questions will be asked of Jose Mourinho. Losing 4 of the first 6 games doesn’t tend to keep you a job at the bridge, however there is some room for sentiment where Mourinho is concerned, but even that will be tested if we manage to come away with all the points.

Onto our performance, and having seen the game back and read the transcript of events on Twitter, we really ought to have been home and hosed by the half time mark. Though a combination of great goalkeeping and some not quite up to scratch finishing we could only unlock the Stoke defence once in the first half. And it took until the 85th minute for us to make sure of the result. A 2-0 win was a pretty just result and it really should have been more. The finishing doesn’t however need to be an ‘issue’ every week. We were 2nd in the table after 5 games and by some fans post game thoughts you would have thought we were in the predicament that Chelsea find themselves in. I do wonder about Twitter sometimes. It’s a great platform for debate and discussion for sure but as I’ve said before, it’s also a platform for pockets of fans to impart their depressive demeanour unto the rest of us, who actually might be enjoying the fact we’d just won a football game. It’s the same when we miss a couple of chances and you start seeing the “here we go again” and “WE NEED A WORLD CLASS STRIKER FFS WENGER”. Sentiments that we can all identify with however don’t these people get bored? Week in week out its the same message. It’s come to the point that certain fans won’t even tweet the joy of a goal if it’s by a player they regularly lambast cough Giroud cough cough. The phrase cutting off your nose only to spite your face comes to mind.

This week is going to be a pretty huge one in our season, in fact the next couple will. We now have 4 away games on the spin. Zagreb, Chelsea, Sp*rs and then high flying Leicester. We need to ensure that we don’t fall apart this month as City continue to march on. We’ll need at least a point at Chelsea and then have to win at Leicester in order to maintain our momentum and stay in touch at the top. The Zagreb game is again a toughie and a tricky start to our Champions League campaign. Winning is a habit and it’s something that we need to try and get used to even when we’re not at our best. That’s what is required to mount a title challenge and that’s what we need to begin showing.

A big week ahead but it’s still a joyous day when results go your way on the weekend.

Have a great week!

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