Hi folks, the interlull is here and we’re all well and truly bored. San Marino, aka plumbers FC, got their usual spanking from any opponent, this time being England. I saw bits of the game during a post game drink off the back of yet another 1-0 win for my Saturday side. Incidentally we’ve played 2 and won 2, both 1-0. Solid is the word. The pitch that England played on was diabolical. I’m sure that the quality replicated what I had just played on myself, if not, worse! It screamed “injury to Oxlade Chamberlain” but thankfully the Gooners on show remained unscathed. It actually turned out to be a fairly successful evening for The Ox (assist) and The Walcott chipped in with a couple of goals. The first of which was a tap in, preceded by a good run however and the second was a slide rule finish. Strikers are all about confidence and even though it might have been vs Plumbers FC, apologies, San Marino, it will help in the confidence he can bring back to Arsenal. Lord knows we’ll need it because Danny Welbeck is now out until Christmas it seems. Last year it was at CB we didn’t really have the cover for and this year it’s now at CF. We all knew it was a case of one injury away from the bare bones and we now have 1.5 strikers until the turn of the year at which point Welbeck will be “like a new signing” and January will bring us false hope all over again. I just don’t quite understand how our planning has been so poor in this window and it could well cost us all over again. Last season we needed to stay in touch and make the correct buy in order to challenge. We made the correct buy, but we failed to stay in touch. Although the start hasn’t been all bad we sit 5 points adrift of a quite impressive City and the worry does remain over our form. Groundhog Day by the looks, but I hope that as our squad is actually slightly better than this time last year, we may actually be able to stay in touch come Christmas.

Other than that we have one more round of internationals to get through before we can breathe a sigh of relief on the injury front. I would imagine as England have now qualified that The Ox may get a rest and Theo may start, which I would actually love to see. The Ox is game ready and a rest would help whereas Theo needs a little sharpening as he’s not quite at it yet. Lord knows we’ll need him so a start would help us as a club out.

This weekend sees us take on the Orcs who were beginning to humanise ever so slightly before Charlie Adam reminded us of the enormity of their Orcishness by getting sent off last weekend. Thankfully I think that enables that monstrosity of a “footballer” to miss our game and thus give us a little more chance of keeping all our players’ bones in tact. We have them at home and really need to get out Emirates form back on track. It’s a great opportunity to make up ground and also put further distance between ourselves and others this week. Chelsea face a tricky away trip to Everton, Palace host City and Utd play Liverpool in a weekend where we can really get close to the leaders. Palace should be bouncing after that win at Chelsea, equally Chelsea are likely to be more cautious vs Everton. Utd v Liverpool should also be interesting as they’ve both come off disappointing results. As I said, a potential opportunity could arise.

There’s nothing much else going on other than myself turning 29 this weekend. 1 more year left in the prime of life and then it goes downhill from there, or so I’m told.

Have a great week.

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