Super fans, ITKs & 3 points

I’m all for opinions and for there to be an outlet other than the main stream media, it’s the way fans like you and I are able to discuss our feelings rather than screaming at a TV set. We’re in an age where opinions are king and whoever shouts loudest gets the most attention, at least that’s the way main stream media is headed. My week was meandering by as per usual and I came across some quite hilarious and quite poignant content. It was an Arsenal Fan TV clip of The Armoury’s biggest fan Ty and a rogue United fan arguing about what success meant. It’s where the “don’t talk about spend, talk about net spend” moment of joy came from. As I said the argument was largely based on what fans should consider successful. We as Gooners had a fairly barren spell without tangible success so far as we the fans were concerned followed by 2 quite successful seasons. The United fan talked about their past successes and our past failures, then talked about our FA Cup wins as mediocre followed by the AFC fans getting royally wound up. Both sets of fans in fairness were venting to the point you’d think that the other team had just won against the arguing opposition through a goal that deflected its way in off the refs arse. So much hatred and anger from both sides to the point that it could well have been a playground argument. Now I really admire what AFTV have done, they’ve found a niche and they are reaching an audience that wants to be reached and also giving a platform to the fans. All good stuff. The problem arises when these accounts are taken over seriously and to the point where cringeworthiness has well and truly kicked in. This is the sort of media that is slowly becoming more and more prominent and something, in the same way as the quite awful British media, that is influencing people on a large scale. It’s a big reason for the disparity amongst fans and almost aids in maintaining a level of divide between fans. When will we all realise we want the same things – good football and trophies!

This week has largely been one surrounded in gloom off the back of last weeks result and performance v West Ham. Although the ITK battle continues. There have been a few different sources talking up and talking down the possibility of signings that we might make. Largely focused around one Karim Benzema. From being in the Arsenal Directors box last Sunday, having medical this week, having our bid outbid by another to once again agreeing terms with us. It’s been a journey I’ve sadly been fully invested in as I live in a world of perpetual hope. Who knows what’s actually happening but one thing is clear – we will be signing someone. We have a squad of 24 at the moment, leaving a space for one more addition. I can’t believe I’m regularly checking a model/sports presenter’s Twitter account for information, I really can’t but alas if it does happen it will have been worth the anguish. In reality we need this to happen sooner rather than later as we want the incoming player to have as much time to settle into the side as possible.

Onto the weekends performances. We deservedly beat a good palace side no matter what Alan Pardew might have you believe. He’ll no doubt harp on about Le Coq deserving a red card but I really do believe if he was sent off for 2 yellows Zaha would have been in the same bracket. The clown persistently fouled our lads in dangerous areas without any real punishment and had the audacity to complain after every foul. Tosser is the word you’re looking for here. Giroud scored a beautiful goal, supplied incidentally by the quite mesmeric Mesut Ozil. He ran the show in a game where, quite frankly, we should have been out of sight before Ward’s leveller. It took an own goal to win it with some frantic defending toward the end but the main thing at this part of the season is the points rather than the fluidity but we had a little of that on show as well, which was good to see. The only real worry I had was that Ramsey still looked off the boil. I was relieved to see that we went back to CoqZorla at the base of our midfield with Ramsey wide, but he continued to hang onto the ball for a few seconds too long. It’s as if he’s trying to prove something all the time and I can’t blame him to a certain degree. I do wonder whether Wenger will at some stage leave him out for the Ox on the right hand side for a bit more pace. A tough call but one I think he might have to make if his performances continue in this vein.

The afternoon got markedly better when watching Chelsea capitulate against City. City were wonderful to watch and could well have been 3 or 4 up at half time with Aguero on top form. As we saw he was a little rustier than usual. My favourite part was Mourinho’s interview claiming it was a fake result. Chelsea’s first shot on target came in the 70th minute. Bar that and a 92nd minute move that hit the post Joe Hart had a relatively easy afternoon. I will enjoy the coming week of press conferences where we will see who the blame is passed to this week by the quite un-special one. There will be a lot of “Terry substitution” malarkey chucked around but we all know that City were far superior. They’ve added to their squad, haven’t finished yet and look hungry, Chelsea haven’t and don’t. Granted it’s early days but City are looking like the team to beat this season. Just what the doctor ordered though eh?

Have a wonderful week folks.

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