Full circle

Prior to this weekend I was fairly cheery. We were going into our pre season tour with a new signing aboard. There was potential for more and not much else had really happened in the window from the Premier League’s perspective. The up and coming season was filled with promise. How 2 days can change the opinions and feelings of us all is the way the game goes these days. United took transfer dealings by the balls and brought in a couple of players to schhh the rest of us. I really did think that when United picked up Schweinsteiger that Schneiderlin was ours to lose. Obviously Van Gaal has addressed the fact that both Carrick and Schweini are a little older but also that he can envisage the Sch’s playing together. Not only that Man City only went and bought Raheem Sterling. For £49m. Crazy money but this comes back to ‘why the hell do I care!?’ territory. Fans began saying Liverpool have mugged City off, that he’s not worth anywhere near that and comparing him to money spent on more proven players (Ozil, Alexis, Costa etc). But he would improve any team. That’s the bottom line. He’s a good footballer who has the ability change the game in a blink of an eye so who really cares about the price tag? I think it’s a good deal for both parties as he obviously wanted to leave and City needed some fresh blood. Liverpool have now got another boat load of cash to make at least one marquee signing so the window has become even more interesting. I just hope Theo signs the damn ting so Liverpool go shopping in Southampton again rather than visit our shores.

Pre the weekend I firmly believed that we were the closest challengers to Chelsea given the current state of the top 4 Premier League squads, but now however I feel that United have taken that position and the difference between ourselves and City is again negligible. A 3rd/4th place battle is not what we want so some signings are going to be required to challenge else all we will be doing is keeping pace without making any real inroads. Twitter has been in Gooner meltdown over the last few days. People have been slating Schweinsteiger as too old, Sterling as too expensive and now turned their directions to “Spend money and stop being such a tight b*$*4rd”. 2 days is all it took for that transformation, 2 days. I’m firmly of the belief that there’s still plenty of time for us to get this right and that we have a target or plan in mind because of missing out on Schneiderlin. It’s not quite yet panic stations for us but that feeling is in the distance, creeping up on us. I really do hope that it’s only a feeling rather than reality as a battle for the top 4 is not going to be enough for Wenger to keep his job this time around. An FA Cup win isn’t a guarantee every year as well as the fact that all of our big players want more. The ambitions need to be matched and on the same page throughout else the disparity will cause internal implosion at some stage.

Onto All Things Arsenal FC. There was a bit of a social media frenzy on Saturday when Alexander Lacazette favourited a tweet linking him to an Arsenal move. It was his only favourite and he left it up there for over 24 hours. The barrage of questions he received to the effect of “when are you joining the #Goonerfamily? #COYG!” may have led him to remove it. Memphis Depay did the same before joining United so here’s to hoping. But he’s a player who could well improve us and the type of striker that, being different from Giroud, could be what we need to unlock some stubborn defences. Giroud’s effectiveness vs the best has always been questioned but if we have another quite different option the pressure or the burden will be a lot less on him. Lacazette can give us a different option and the minimised pressure will probably get us a better performance out of Giroud. Win win.

On the DM front it seems to have gone rather quiet. This is my only worry for the summer. I feel as though Le Boss knows far more than I do about football, even though it’s a close run thing, but I do worry that we’re now ‘done’ on that front. I hope he just thinks ‘f*#$ it’ and goes out and gets what we need to challenge no matter the cost. That being said he surely would have brought in Schneiderlin if that was the case, he remains as frugal as ever. And that’s why I worry.

It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend and I sincerely hope that we begin taking part in the fun as I for one do not want to be left chasing the pack.

Have a great week folks.

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