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Cech in. 1/3. Nice and early as well which is what makes all the difference for a fast start to the Premier League season. But I’ll come on to a bit more on him a little later.

In the main I want to talk about some quite cringing and ridiculous Twitter accounts out there. The first part is the ridiculous. Social media has definitely given a voice to the moronic & cowardly in the same way that it’s given a platform for intriguing debate and discussion. One can make a quite ridiculous statement only for it later to be labeled as trolling or fishing. Obviously it’s much easier to do that than to admit you’re a douchebag right? It’s so easy for fans from any team and I include Gooners in that bracket to hide behind the facade of their profile and press the 🎣 button than it is to admit they were wrong. Additionally we have the fanboys spectacular as well. The guys who tweet made up conversations or quotes in their minds to try and antagonise opposition fans. Now I’m all for antagonising but do it properly guys…things like:

Arsenal sign Cech
Mourinho cries
Wenger is a genius
Vidal texts Sanchez to say he’s coming
Messi interested in Arsenal move
Mourinho cries


Quite frankly this sort of thing is pretty embarrassing to read. We’re not the only set of fans who do this, but the people that do seriously need to consider their motives for such tripe. I wonder what their thought process is when they are typing their tweets out: “this will make me the most popular person in the world ever…excellent” (the excellent was very much in the Mr. Burns voice).

Equally the fishers also need an intervention of some kind. Comedy value is greatly on the decrease and the trolling is genuinely befitting of the most cringeworthy notions known to man. It’s so half arsed it feels like a “what’s the point?” sort of moment however they continue only because there are so many people who get hooked in by it all. Thus idiocy spreads far and wide leaving no clown free from ‘jesting’ their way to heroic Twitter warfare victory. It normally goes something like this; “Arsenal’s Cech will now be a Twitter poll champion” to which a gullible Gooner will reply “f*$€ you, Cech has now joined a really classy club you chav!” to which the said jester will undoubtedly follow up with a “LOL 🎣”. Comedy genius as you can see. There’s an old test carried out by advertisers, whereby when a mirror is provided to you when making a choice between a healthy and not so healthy choice so you can see yourself whilst making the decision. The healthy option wins out easily. Maybe the smartphones camera should turn on so that people can see their own faces when they are about to jest their way to Twitter stardom.

Then we have the exclusive story breakers. Even the broadsheets have now joined the tabloids in bringing about transfer tripe on a regular basis. They all want to break the story first so will just lie through their teeth with overused hyperbole and keep the transfer hungry mob’s thirst quenched. Don’t succumb to the click baiting people!!! Anyway, enough of that.

Big Pete has joined and he sounds like a really top bloke. What’s more, in his thank you letter to all things Chelsea, he didn’t mention Mourinho once. Take that how you will but to my mind as much as all Chelsea fans and players seem to love the guy he only loves them back from a selfish point of view. A great trait from a completely objective management point of view however that’s also the reason two monumental players for Chelsea have left with a sour taste in their mouths. It’s clear that Mourinho didn’t want the move to happen but what’s also clear is that Cech knew that. It’s clear that Cech’s opinion of the man had gradually changed over the course of the year and to not mention a manager under whom you’ve won a fair few titles just goes to show what type of man Jose really is. He loves digging the fans on the plastic atmosphere and also doesn’t quite know how to say goodbye. The fact that he and Abramovic seem to have disagreed on the Cech situation will be an interesting one to monitor come the start of the season.

In terms of the signing itself, it’s a great one. The most we’ve ever spent on a goalkeeper and that is significant on its own. We’ve finally got an aerially commanding keeper and that really should make a big difference to our points tally come May 2016. We conceded far too many set pieces and headed goals, some of which could have been avoided with a more commanding keeper. I saw an interesting debate between Tim Stillman and Orbinho on Twitter with regards to save percentages between Ospina and Cech. The stats seemed to favour Ospina however the comparisons were over disproportionate time spans as well as the fact that Cech being there will play a big factor in any oppositions game plan. They’ll know that it will be more difficult to score goals than by simply launching them into the box to see what happens. And it’s that element of doubt that can make all the difference and also is immeasurable By stats. I fully believe that he will help us win at least half a dozen points over the course of the season. Sometimes you need your keeper to get you out of a hole and that seems to be a rare occasion with us. When you win a game you should draw or draw a game you should lose it keeps the momentum going and the ‘rebuilding’ process isn’t required as often. Our league graph would show a series of slow rises, momentum followed by a drop. We need to turn the drop into a plateau followed by a further increase in order to mount a title challenge this year.

So 1 signing in, 2 to go in my book. Schneiderlin and Lacazette would be lovely thanks Arsene!

Have a great week folks.

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