Paint Drying

God it’s been an incredibly boring and tedious last week or so. International football showing us really why we all love club football so much. In the main however it feels as though there is much less care for England than there is for say the other big nations of football around the world. There was more passion and commitment between Brazil vs Chile than England vs Lithuania for example. When a friendly has more bite than a qualifier you can’t help but feel that club football can’t come back quickly enough.

Thumbs have been twiddled, mild conversation had about transfers and above all fingers have been kept crossed over any injury concerns. On that note we have Danny Welbeck to worry about after he tweaked something in his knee, after having played pretty well for England. He got himself a goal albeit a little luckily but a goal nonetheless. Alexis played 90 minutes. Ozil played 90 minutes, twice. Giroud played 6 minutes followed by 90 (got a goal). It also looks as though Walcott will play from the off against Italy.

The challenge for me today was to keep any readers engaged and interested. This is horrendously difficult when Arsenal aren’t in our lives. How we get through summers without any football I have no idea. I mean the transfer window has always been there but has had nowhere near as much emphasis as over the last 10-12 years. What did we talk about before then? What were the things that we did before then? It got me to thinking that we sometimes get so caught up in the here and now that time flashes by and we’re exactly where we were 12 years ago. Still longing for the next 3 points, still longing for that trophy and still longing to see the Arsenal. What’s changed? Our perception. There used to be a smaller group of football ‘intelligents’ so to speak, as their knowledge surpassed everyone else’s. Now, however, everyone else has access to the same information as the football ‘intelligents’ and there is a much wider spread of information. We know a little about everything rather than a lot about something specific. There are obviously the select few that can impart real insight and analysis into our beloved Arsenal but they are few and far between. It got me to thinking why anyone does this in the first place. Who really cares what little old me thinks? Or what any other blogger thinks for that matter. Apparently we all do. The Interlull brings out the philosopher in us all. Imagine life without football? What would be write about? Thankfully football keeps us all on a similar level, without it we’d all be inventing our own religions or weirdly obscure clubs e.g. insect wing collection or similar. Thankfully football is in our lives and the little defining of ourselves that we do alongside it keeps us all in check. Apart from Millwall fans.

As you can see there’s really not too much going on from an Arsenal perspective but the build up to a truly huge game will begin from tomorrow. We play Liverpool on Saturday, in a game where I believe we can solidify our top 4 credentials as well as kicking on for the battle for 2nd/3rd. It would open up a 9 point gap between us and them with 7 games to play. This means we would be 4 wins away from securing the very minimum, which is Champions League football next season. Winning would also put us into 2nd as City play on Monday night away to Palace. Chelsea play Stoke at home in the evening kick off and a win there will pretty much knock the stuffing out of both City’s and our title challenge. If for some magnificent reason they were to drop points here we would be back in it so long as we beat Liverpool. That’s why this game is so important. Momentum is key in the home stretch of the season and we will need it to open up as much of a cushion as we can with an FA Cup semi final to contend with in between. Win and our season will finish strongly for sure, draw and it stays in the balance, lose and we’ll be in the fabled top 4 battle once again. It’s a battle we’re all bored of so I really do hope that we can put that to bed with a win on Saturday.

There really isn’t much else to talk about and I hope it remains that way after England v Italy as I don’t want to see any injury jokes in the aftermath.

Oh and I hate paint.

Have a great week people.

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