Only sing when we’re winning?

Winning in the Premier League has become a habit for us of late and I’m glad that it’s come after a quite horrible mid-week collapse on our part. A nice 2-0 win with some good individual performances made for good viewing. Special mentions to Ospina, Bellerin, Gabriel, King Santi, Ozil, Giroud & Little Motzart.

My main focus of discussion this week centres around our quite frivolous support over the course of the season. We all know there were a certain few players, who especially, had stinkers against Monaco and we’re right to question/boo and lambast these people/the club after games. But during games is another thing altogether. The reality against Monaco was we created chance after chance for Giroud but he just wasn’t able to take one, when he came off we lacked a focal point and Welbeck had only one real chance to score and he didn’t take it. When Giroud came off we didn’t create as much but the cheering for when he came off is unacceptable. How is that ever going to help him take his next chance? How!? It carried on during the early parts of the game against Everton where the lack of support for him was quite evident.

Only for the whole ground to burst into song at his goal. It’s as if we won’t cheer unless there is something solid to cheer about – we really need to be better at creating an atmosphere and supporting our team. Especially individuals who have had a mare the game before. The reality is they’ve been picked so we can affect them in 2 ways; positively or negatively. Frustration or a lack of support is obviously going to have a mental impact on a player, and we all know strikers are confidence players so any bit of confidence we can instil into them will help, anything else will most definitely not. I’ve spoken about it before but it’s something we Arsenal fans have let flow into the atmosphere of the ground. I understand it’s been a frustrating season but the least we can do is try and help, after all it’s only going to help in creating a positive result and in turn a much happier journey home! We’re all in danger because of numpties like Piers Morgan who believe they are all knowing. Because you may have a share or two in the club doesn’t mean that you know what you’re talking about. That’s the key here, social media, bad punditry and lazy journalism can easily inspire wrongful opinions of players. Take Mezut Ozil. He had what looked like a quiet game, one where he didn’t move around so much. Or so the media would have you believe. He was in fact the Arsenal player who covered the most distance, he also provided 2 assists. Now I know we shouldn’t get carried away with stats as they can sometimes be misleading, but there are many who seem to believe he is still useless and ‘nicking a living’, which is simply not the case. He might not yet have hit the heights of his hefty price tag but he’s well on his way. He’s getting better with each week and his ‘weaknesses’ are highlighted when we have a bad game collectively, which is slightly unfair. Granted when we play badly you want your star men to stand up and be counted but the Monaco game was one where no one took responsibility. Alexis looked short of ideas, Santi wasn’t at his usual imperious best. Sometimes we can just have a bad game. That it keeps happening in the last 16 of he Champions League is not good enough but to blame individuals is misdirecting the anger. We lost the game against Monaco because of poor shape but because of the effort that the likes of Bellerin, Kos & Gibbs put in they get away with criticism even though it’s their ridiculously high line that puts us in trouble in the first place. I left Per out as he tends to get his fair share of critics, but others who are just as culpable should also be held accountable. After the game in my opinion though. During it needs to be 11+55,000 singing from the same hymn sheet.

With regards to the rest of the weekends results, there was only one that we could have truly been pleased with. West Brom beating Southampton. The rest went for United and Liverpool meaning our position in the league is still one that hangs in the balance week by week. In addition witnessing the hideousness of the Capital One Cup final was brutal. There could have been no joy taken from either team winning as they are two of the worst. Ever. That journalists line over Mourinho as “he’s so classy and more fun when not moaning” after he lifts a trophy epitomises the love-in with him. Of course he’s going to be happy and have nothing to moan about when his team have just won a cup final! The idiocy is quite ludicrous. I digress…

We go into a mid-week game away to QPR which will undoubtedly be similar to the game against Palace, where the intensity will be heightened. But they aren’t quite as good as palace so we should ensure that we turn them over with a little more ease. Winning will take the pressure off the cup tie vs United and put it on them as they have a tough away game vs Newcastle beforehand. If we can generate some points distance this week it may force them into some panicky decisions and hinder their performance against us so winning is a must on Wednesday. Let’s hope the run continues and try and put some pressure on City who are now only 4 point ahead. Win by win we can close the gap down and who knows how high we can finish? QPR and United lie in wait, this week could well make ore break our season.

Here’s to a good week people.

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