Did you hear about the Morgan?

A fantastic performance yesterday littered with shite refereeing and some quite Orc like play from the Mordorians. They really are a bunch of tossers and seeing us so easily swat them aside makes the result at Mordor all the more frustrating, because let’s face it. They are shit. There’s just something about playing away that inhibits our natural game. Anyway…I digress.

Yesterday was a quite wonderful performance by the team as a whole. Everyone did their jobs well and Monreal winning headers left, right and centre must have really put some food for thought into Wengers mind. It’s good that we have 2 quite good left backs vying for a place. Monreal is more of a safety first left back whereas Gibbs is a bit better going forward and that little bit quicker. Rosicky also had a quite fabulous game. You wouldn’t think that the guy is 34, he really has some great energy and zip when bursting from a stand still. But even though the team as a whole had a quite solid performance, that man Alexis Sanchez stole the show once again. 2 goals and an assist further adding to the superlatives that continue to describe his first season with us. What a player, what a guy, what a hero! Tireless running. Never gives in. Doesn’t want a rest. He’s everything you want to see in a footballer as a fan. Bad games can be forgiven because 99.9% of the time he’s spectacular and even if he’s not spectacular he runs absolutely everything down. Brilliant, just brilliant.

It really could have been a game where we won by 5/6 (how many times have we said that!) but it was 3 and comfortable enough. There is something that needs to be said of the refereeing standards this season. There’s only one word for it. Bollocks. So inconsistent and so incorrect it makes you wonder. There seems to almost be a premeditated-ness of the type of refereeing that takes place during a game. Yesterday it was almost as if John Moss said to himself “I won’t allow this to become a dirty gamer” by not brandishing a single yellow card in the first half to some quite atrocious play from Stoke. Each foul/moment/incident should be taken or dealt with completely on merit. It’s not happening this way and it’s causing there to be continually shite refereeing throughout the league. There is now a player with a dislocated shoulder because a petulant push by Orcautavic on Debuchy which went unpunished. Some brilliant elbow play from the lankiest Orc of them all and truly swashbuckling “defending” from Shawcross – England’s answer to replacing John Terry. It’s ok though, the Karma they are building up can only lead one way right? Right?! The moment of the game, as the MOTD commentator put it “the chant of the day from the Arsenal fans…3-0 and you can’t get home!”. Quite brilliant. Who wants to go back to Stoke anyway?

Onto a more pressing issue. The transfer window is now well and truly open but we don’t seem to have made any big noises about signings thus far. I really do wonder whether Morgan Schneiderlin should have been watching the Arsenal v Orc FC from the stands at the Emirates as he was welcomed into our club. It turns out he was adding millions to his value by putting in a stellar performance vs Luckchester Utd. He and Wanyama were quite brilliant against United, a partnership that Gary Neville surmised as being a lot better than what Arsenal currently have. It’s a good point. It seems that a week may not be enough time to bed in a new signing anyway but if we had offered him some good money and a good contract pre the United game he might be with us right now. At the moment, however, he may well be feeling he wants to be a part of history with Southampton and can always move in the summer if things don’t work out. It puts a transfer for him into a much more difficult place. The lure of Champions League football will be what gets him if it happens. I haven’t seen or heard anything of any signings other than a 16 year old Krystian Bielik. Not the type of signing that’s going to turn out season into a title challenging one it you ask me. There is still a lot of time left in the window but each game we play with the Coq (and don’t get me wrong he’s been brilliant when filling in so far) we continue to generate the statement that we are happy in a battle for 4th. There needs to be a little more from us not only for the fans but to keep magnificent players such as Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil at the club for the foreseeable future. Else we risk being on the continual development cycle where we sell our best.

Come on Monsieur Wenger. Get the cheque book out. Didn’t you hear about the Morgan?

Have a great week.

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