A truly humbling week

It’s been a trying week on a personal level this week. A great loss to ones family always puts trivial things into perspective. You do begin to wonder why we stress over things that are beyond our control. We have the highs of days like Christmas Day, the highs of winning football matches but that can all come crashing back down to pretty quickly with a personal loss. A special shout out to @KushPT_ we’ll all come through it eventually brother.

Onto footballing matters.

It’s appropriate that we showed a bit of grit to win the last 2 games of 2014, a year that has been quite fruitful for us. 1.5 trophies, some great signings, a squad that looks like it’s ready to challenge consistently. But for some unlucky injuries we would be closer to the top but as we all know we’re counting the cost of some bad luck and bad planning.

Firstly the QPR game. What would have been a post Christmas jaunt as, let’s face it, they truly are absolute shite, turned into a stressfully close fought contest and one that could have easily ended in an embarrassing way for us. Olivier Giroud really needs a massive slap for his pitiful reaction to a nudge in the back. I love the guy, he’s been great for us since he’s been back but utter stupidity is the only way to describe that ‘red mist’ moment. Rio Ferdinand was lucky not to follow suit with his best Orc like facial impression whilst grabbing the back of Giroud’s neck. Still, no excusing the big mans actions. We are beginning to play some good football at the moment and it’s finally looking like Welbeck, Alexis & Giroud are working well together. A good January will give us a massive platform on which to mount a serious challenge on all fronts. I digress…

The day of the Walrus was once again a joyous one for us. In recent times winning at Upton Park is becoming a bit of a habit and its a tough place to go so a win of any kind is a huge 3 points. We began shakily and slowly got into the game. That man Santi Cazorla won us the penalty as well as scored it and he is just a joy to watch at the moment. Playing him through the middle behind the front three of Alexis, Welbeck and The Ox has been brilliant to witness. With him pulling the strings it was only an absolute blinder of a performance from their keeper meant that it remained 2-1. It well and truly should have been 4 or 5-1 before the final siege from the Hammers. Thankfully we held on and continued our climb up the table. With everyone above us dropping points of sorts it made hanging on all the more vital. We need to somehow bring home 3 points from the Saints to get back into the top 4 and kick on from there.

Here’s hoping for a positive start to the New Year.

The next topic of discussion will inevitably be on transfers as we continue to pine for a DM and CB. Let’s hope he doesn’t pin all our hopes on his Coq.

I hope you all had an amazing 2014 and hope that your 2015 is even better. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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