Last chance saloon

Here we go again. The sunshine and clear skies well and truly quashed by the orcs with a little help from the twat in black. Although the very same twat wasn’t the reason we were 3-0 down, a lack of organisation, sharpness and aggression cost us. The same problems arise again and again, the injuries have cost us but as we’ve all expressed before; this is something that needs to have been planned for a little better.

Added to this we all know how Stoke set up when we are in town, which is to bruise us off the park. Even though they are now playing a little more football under Hughes (only a little mind) they still set up to batter their way through the better sides. It seemed as though this was a surprise to us. It’s happened 9 out of the last 10 times we’ve been there. Actually 10/10 of the last times we’ve been there. Why is it something we weren’t ready for? These are the questions that need to be answered by Wenger. It’s all well and good saying that we “weren’t focussed enough” or “dominated” but we can all see that. It’s why it’s happening again and again that’s the question.

It looked as though Wenger had to eventually succumb to the pressure of playing Bellerin at RB who was then subbed at half time. I understand he’s wanted to hold him away from the tough tests but to play him away vs Stoke for 45 mins is only going to have done harm. There have been a number of opportunities to include him in the starting 11 when we know that we aren’t going to face set piece barrages and play a bit more of a football match that he could have played in. A few of those games have been home games as well, it just seems a bit like decisions are being made as a complete bodge as opposed to thought through and well planned.

After the game there is plenty of social media that shows Wenger being publicly abused by fans. There really is no place for this in football. The guy is not trying to fail, he’s desperate to win. Public abuse of this kind is just a waste of everyone’s time. The pressure is well and truly on him to deliver this season and he knows that. This January feels ‘genuinely’ like his last chance to make a difference and if it doesn’t go as we all know it should it will be a sad end to a quite brilliant transformation of a football club. Who knows we may be lucky in a cup competition and win a trophy (Chelski and Liverpool have won the Champions League with a sub standard squad through blind luck alone so we know it’s possible). It would be fitting to see the man bow out winning considering what he has achieved for us. But let’s remember if we can somehow put together a run of 6/7 wins and stay within 6-10 points of the leaders a good January could change everything. It’s always easier to judge in hindsight and we will only fully appreciate what Wenger has done for us after he’s gone. Let’s be honest, we can want Wenger out without behaving like a tribal pack of animals. I’m still in the #WengerIn camp purely because mid season change simply won’t work the wonders we all want, with OUR squad.

The players really need their 12th man to get through this rut and deflecting anger towards Wenger won’t achieve that. If nothing changes in January then there will be a full reason to get on his back as the injury situation can be planned for and managed. Until then let’s get behind the lads. An electric atmosphere and vocal support both home and away will make a huge difference.





I’ve also seen a few bits of ‘analysis’ asking the question as to where we would be without Alexis Sanchez. He is our best player so far this season but to take him out of the team and to then compare us to Man City WITH Aguero and Chelsea WITH Costa really makes for a bullshit article. We all know the media love to bash a football club when it’s down but people should really be able to see through such tripe. It’s as if when they say Sanchez doesn’t play we play with 10 men – Ummmm we are allowed to field 11 players – not that any one of them would do a better job than Sanchez (we saw this mistake vs Sp*rs).

In other events it really was quite joyous to see Mourinho complain about a team parking the bus and time wasting tactics for their “Invincible” team. The media will have mourned the day where their love-in with Mourinho had to go over a little speed bump. They by far look the most likely to win the league but all the invincible talk really seemed to get to both their manager and their players. Talking about being invincible before the half way stage of the season is a little premature. In my memory it only became a real possibility after we’d won the league at Sp*rs. At least Chelski going unbeaten won’t happen this season and who doesn’t like to laugh at Mourinho?

Have a good week.

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