In sickness and in health

A delay in the blog this week due to me visiting family in India and seeing what the ISL had to offer (not a lot if I’m honest!)bad well as wifi being an intermittent thing whilst in the tucked away villages that don’t even appear on Google Maps.

After what can only be described as a tremendously shite couple of weeks we had one where we’ve kept two clean sheets and won two games. It’s gone well. Here’s to hoping it’s not a brief respite from the norm and rather a turning of a corner that we missed a couple of streets back.

It was good to see Welbeck getting on the scoresheet again, as while he’s been involved in a lot of our goals there’s nothing like scoring to give you the self confidence and belief to go on and get more. With Giroud back in the team and both of them fighting for a spot in the team I think it might just bring out the best in each of them.

The main talking points over the last few weeks have been Le Boss’ tenure at the club. Should he stay or should he go? The banner on display at the Hawthorns was suggesting that it’s time for him to move on. I totally understand why fans think that his time is done and that his methods haven’t changed enough in the last few years to beat the big boys. I also feel that his stubbornness and pride has cost the club the chance to go an win a trophy or two. But who likes change? Every single one of us hates it if anything in our day to day changes as it’s working perfectly in the first instance. For example upgrading from Office 2007 to Office 365. A ball ache that no one wants. Wenger is in the belief that he can make it work with his methods which is why he doesn’t want to change them. While I can understand that I don’t agree with it in the slightest. Even he evolving and great Pep Guardiola couldn’t repeat what Bayern achieved previously, sweeping all that came before them, with the tremendous squad that he has.

My point is that change is always necessary in order to achieve continued success. But as I mentioned in my last few posts is now really the right time to do so? A change now and we won’t drastically change much. If anything the transition period will mean things get worse before they get better. The change needs to happen in the same way that the Mancs did it. Give the new man a whole summer to bring in his choice players, work with the squad, embed the new faces in and ensure as much time is given for his new methods to take effect. Mid season change is asking for one thing only and its trouble. Managerial change only works if he’s lost the dressing room which is never going to be the case at Arsenal. All of the players bar the select few owe him and that’s not going to change.

This is why it’s a waste of time and energy to campaign for him to leave. Instead we’d be better served to get behind the players and not worry about the manager as I think we’re probably quite powerless to affect any change. If the feeling in you is leaning towards an exit for the manager the best way to display it would be to ignore him rather than provide the fuel for further stubbornness. We’re coping with a tremendous amount of injuries coupled with new signings still finding their feet so I’m not saying we should cut the boss some slack but we should cut the players and club some. The club is who we’ve tied our footballing bond with, no matter what changes take place, but that’s where we should focus our voices to get behind the team rather than get on the back of the manager. The former will help the latter will not I’m afraid. Whatever we’ve experienced in footballing success and failure as fans is a temporary thing but the bond between us and the club we all love should remain an infallible one.

Coming on to tomorrow’s game we’ve got an opportunity. We’ve once again go ourselves in a position where we can pile the pressure on the teams around us and we absolutely need to take advantage of it by beating Southampton. Chelski play Sp*rs so we’ve got a chance to pull away from one as well as potentially close the gap on another. The opportunity is there so the players need to stand up and be counted on this one. That its against Southampton speaks volumes as to where our season is at the moment but only by beating them can we move on to larger targets over the course of the season.

Have a good week people.

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