Blame Game

The blog is a day late as I was still picking myself up off the floor from a horrendous week of football for Arsenal FC.

There’s nothing like couple of results to burst the balloon of optimism that was beginning to surface. At 3-0 vs Anderlecht we started to believe the silly mistakes might start to eradicate themselves even though we could conceivably been 1 or 2-0 down in the game itself. It’s as if the players thought the corner had been turned and whilst wistfully looking into the future of serenity through winning games we forgot that we were still playing in one. And there in lies the debate or hot topic at the moment. Is it the manager that is directing the players to continue on for the kill or is it the players that are lacking the maturity to sit back? Maybe a combination of both, but right now it’s simply not good enough.

One does begin to wonder what is talked about in training as it doesn’t look as though we are a ‘team’ at the moment. Portions of excellent team play come through but it’s just in fits and spurts. No consistency whatsoever. Why? What’s changed? Injuries have ravaged the beginning oh our season but we still have the personnel to manage in my opinion. Every blog/expert review, every semblance of respectable journalism points to simple team selection errors. It coincides with my opinion. Since the Hull game it’s abundantly clear that Monreal is waiting to be exposed at CB, through no fault of his own as he quite simple isn’t a CB. Then we factor in where our weakness has been, conceding headed goals (2nd highest goals conceding from headers in fact). So why would the selection be of Chambers at RB over Bellerin (quickest player at the club!) and Monreal over Chambers (he knows how to win headers!) at CB? It’s almost as if Wengers stubbornness is showing through in that he doesn’t want to admit that playing Monreal at CB hasn’t worked. Remember that Swansea had not scored a headed goal yet in the premier league this season!

It feels as though the pride that Wenger has had over the years in his selection is now being outweighed by the fans patience with his long term projects. I for one will not slate the manager as there is simply no one out there that’s available that could be doing a better job. Remember king Jurgen of Dortmund? Only just picked themselves off bottom spot in the Bundesliga this weekend with a 1-0 win through a 50 yard own goal. The grass is not always greener on the other side and knee jerk reactions are almost always incorrect as they are made with too much subjectivity. The point here is that there is only one man who can fix the mess that is transpiring at Arsenal FC. That man is Arsene Wenger. He alone can motivate and cajole his players into giving a little bit more, being more tactically aware and having a bit more of a game plan.

At the moment it looks as though the team don’t train together, don’t know each other and are ready to pass the buck of responsibility. There are only 2 players in our team that have consistently performed this season and they are Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck. They work extremely hard and have contributed towards goals and assists throughout the season so far. Santi Cazorla misses out on this list only because the end product he so regularly used to produce has dried up a little. But at least the effort and application is there with him.

So much for the full proof plan that I penciled out for us last week – but hopefully that means there won’t be any (more) injuries for us to contend with over the international break.

A win over Man Utd after the international break will give us that belief back. But it’s now the most important game of the season to ensure that our season doesn’t implode. Win and we’re in the race, draw and we’re fighting for 4th, again, already!!! Lose and I can’t fathom what could happen in the aftermath, but lose and the pressure will take its toll on Le Boss and I’m not so sure he can withstand that kind any more. So for the sake of everyone’s sanity; a win please Arsenal.

Have a good week.

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