Distribution, mistakes, stuttering

Anyone notice that the title of this blog is a cryptic clue to what we need? DMs!

Being at a North London Derby is one of footballs great experiences but the atmosphere at the ground on Saturday seemed an unsure one. Not unsure that Sp*rs have been terrible this season, not unsure that we should win the game, but unsure of the manner in which it might happen.

As the game began we were immediately on the front foot having reverted back to our more familiar 4231 formation. We dominated possession but couldn’t make a decisive breakthrough. As this became more of a trend we began to make some errors through panicking on the ball. Some wayward passing and carelessness on our part created Sp*rs’ best chances and it was becoming a bit worrying. The pattern seemed to continue into the second half and a moment of collective errors led to their goal. Szczesny released the ball far too quickly, with 4 Spuds close enough to our back four to press us into submission. His hasty distribution led to a bit of a hospital pass from the BFG to Flamini, who then had the touch of Adebayor and got pressed off the ball. I know that Flamini is the man guilty of the big mistake here but I just feel that the Szcz’s distribution has cost us goals for more than this occasion alone. Thankfully the Ox was on hand to finish well after a Danny Welbeck dummy so our blushes were somewhat spared. We could have definitely gone on to win the game but couldn’t quite take advantage of the good situations we got ourselves in towards the end. Alexis Sanchez had s couple of really good opportunities to put the ball into a dangerous area but failed to do much with the space he had.

Going back to the hasty distribution, the main problem here is that we, the fans, get impatient with the slow build up and this causes the players to become more emotionally involved with certain moments in the game then they should be more level headed. Wenger said it himself after the game, that we weren’t patient enough. I think that because of the squad we have, because we finally won that trophy last year the pressure of expectation to play dazzling football week in week out has got to the players a little bit. We need to remain patient with both the manner in which we’re playing as well as in frustrating situations in games. There will be many teams that will come and sit back and play on the counter against us and we have to be prepared to deal with that, it’s what comes with being a rather good football team. It speaks volumes that this time last season Sp*rs came to the Emirates and played pretty well. They dominated the early part of the game last year, had more of the ball and looked as though they wanted to win the game. This year they simply didn’t want to lose the game. It means two things. 1 – we’ve progressed as a team. 2 – Sp*rs have not. It’s those two points that have me feeling more positive at this point, even though we feel we’ve dropped two points.

I’m not going to lie, it felt like a loss as we made our way to Finsbury Park Station and it sounded very much as though Sp*rs fans got their DVD players ready for an early Christmas present after the draw but we’re still undefeated and the performances will come. We’ve got too many good players for it not to happen. It’s just a case of patience, which is something that we will need for at least another 5 games or so.

That said the next week feels like it could be s season defining one. We must beat Galatasary if we are to stay in the hunt for the knockout rounds of the Champions League, and as we know winning the group means we may get a kinder draw, else we’ll be playing Bayern no doubt. Following that we visit Stamford Bridge to play a Mourinho led Chelsea who Wenger has never managed to beat. It’s a game that if we get a point out of we will be in the hunt for the league, as it will give us belief. If we lose the game, which is what most people will expect, we’ll almost already he sucked into a battle for second place. If however we somehow manage to win over there then only God knows what this season will hold. Trophies are won wen belief is present within a team and Lord knows that an away win at Chelsea will do that for us.

The last point I want to make is to go back to my annoyance of hasty distribution. I really feel that it is hindering the team and I am wondering whether it’s time to give Ospina a run in the side. It may just give the Szcz the motivation he needs to beat the top of his game but it will also be more difficult for teams to pinpoint our distributional weak point. Making any member of the opposition think twice gives you an immediate advantage so if we can gain this through the inclusion of Ospina then maybe it’s worth a go. It would be a big call but that’s what Wenger is paid the big bucks for. Over to you Le Boss.

Have a great week people.

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