2 good 2 bad

The weekend of football that just passed us by was a good indication as to why international football is so boring. Thank God proper football is back!

We’ve all seen the game, the highlights or both and know what happened. We scored 2 quite brilliant goals, the first born out of the team as a whole pressing as if their lives depended on it and the second down to a well cushioned header and a stunningly composed finish. These were not quite as enjoyable as they could have been, due to deficiencies that continue to cloud our games. A goal conceded through unawareness of oncoming runners (think way back to Denilson v Rooney at the Emirates a fair few years back in a game we lost 3-1) and a goal from a set piece. Both avoidable, both born out of our mistakes.

While the result was, in hindsight, a good point against the champions it feels a lot like an opportunity missed. I felt we dominated large parts of the game and city only caused us problems in the last 8 minutes of the game and maybe the last 10 of the first half. This was because we didn’t seem to know the best way to react after conceding a goal. In the first half we panicked a bit because we were dominating and then conceded against the run of play. The second one went in and it seemed we didn’t know whether to stick or twist leading to City jumping all over our indecisiveness. Something that needs to be worked on as we are going to concede goals but we need to have a plan for when this happens.

On the back of the game we have the inevitable injury to one of the back four leading to further bemusement as to why we didn’t get another defender on the books. We are now one injury away from playing the likes of Hayden, Bellerin, Monreal and even Flamini in the right back/centre back positions. What strikes me is that we were only going to buy if the price was right and it seemed that it was not for whomever we were in for. I for one couldn’t give a monkeys as to how much we pay or how much the player is paid. Most fans want to see a successful team and let the club worry about the money. Coming back to the point in hand, it looks as though Le Boss gambled that our back four would stay fit until Christmas and we would be in a much better position to buy in the January window. It looks as though the gamble has lengthened its odds and we are at the high stakes table much earlier than we should be. Calum Chambers has now the responsibility (quite a big one!) of being the right back for the next 2 months and possible more, which is fine but let’s hope that we stay injury free elsewhere and wish Matthieu Debuchy a speedy recovery.

Looking at the other teams that could be challenging for the title it seems it will be quite an open affair this time around. Chelsea look formidable going forward but as I said before the season began, they are quite awful at the back. There surely has to come a point when their forwards have a few off days and that’s when we’ll see what they’re made of. Next weeks game against City might show us a lot more in that regard.

We now have a tough away trip to Dortmund, a club that I can’t help but like, and it’s hugely important that we do not lose this game. If we can somehow win the next couple of games everything will seem wonderful again. We have our injury problems for the game but so do they. Marco Reus is set to miss out for them, whilst we have Debuchy, Giroud and Walcott still out. It should be an interesting game but one I think we can get a result from. A snatch and grab like last time around would be very much appreciated.

Come on you Gunners!!!

Have a good week.


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