He came from Barca, to bring us joy…

Alexis Sanchez, Alexis Sanchez, he came from Barca to bring us joy!!!
He said no to Liverpool coz he’s a Gooner, oh Stevie he slipped away!!!!!

My attempt at an Alexis Sanchez song to the tune of “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”.

He signed! And early doors as far as the transfer window is concerned. He’ll be able to take a full part in our pre season and will hopefully be able to bed in nice and quickly before a ball is kicked in the league. In addition there seems to be a fair amount of gossip surrounding Sami Khedira and Loic Remy…blimey! Khedira would be perfect for us to complete our transfer dealings but Loic Remy would be one of those purchases that we don’t really need but is a lovely option to have. Who knows what will happen but I’m genuinely excited approaching the season as opposed to last year when I was a little worried. Le Boss has one of those “great to have” problems in who plays where and what is our best team/formation. I think that with the Sanchez signing we have a number of options in terms of a front 2/3. There is no other word to describe it other than exciting!

Transfers aside, we have our new kits released for next season and I have to say I quite like them. I’ve had a feel of the material and it doesn’t feel quite as nice as the Nike ones we are used to however they look pretty damn good. I’ve also seen that the skin tight versions the players are wearing are not the same as the ones on sale for us in the public, so we’ll have a little more room for our lack of a six pack to fit in.

Now for the World Cup final. Where there were plenty of heroes made. It was truly one of the most gripping games I’ve seen for a long while. It is the biggest of games to play in as a player and it meant so much to both sides, not just as teams but as individuals. A fair few of the better players for both sides are in and around the 26/27 mark, many would say that this could well be their last chance to win a World Cup. Personally I approached this game as a proper neutral as if Germany had won we would have 3 World Cup winners in the squad or if Argentina had won I would have been immensely happy for Lionel Messi, one player who in my opinion is massively deserving of a World Cup winners medal.

As it turns out the Germans did it and have been well worth it over the course of the World Cup. Ironically Argentina had the better chances throughout the game but just couldn’t take them. To miss three clear cut one on ones is unforgivable in a World Cup final. Higuain, Messi and Palacio were the culprits that could have given Argentina the lead but failed to do so. Following that the Germans created some decent chances, not the most clear cut, but decent chances nonetheless. I remember Schurrle having their best chance but easily being saved by Romero followed by Goetze converting one of their hardest chances. He showed great timing for his run and brilliant technique to chest down and volley past Romero with 7 minutes remaining in Extra Time. A wonderful goal to win what has been a quite wonderful World Cup. On top of that Mesut Ozil had his best game and created a fair number of chances for his team mates only to be let down by the finishing. He was tireless and tracked back like a monster as well. Brilliant all round. All in all to have 3 World Cup winners in the squad is only a positive thing and on top of that, Khedira not having played a part in the final means his price will remain the same negating any World Cup winner inflation that may have occurred and we can’t be disappointed at that!

It has been a magnificent World Cup and I have to say the best one that I’ve seen in my life time (1998 being the first I can remember properly watching!).

33 days until the Premier League begins – it is going to be a long month ahead.

Have a great week.


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