£40,000,001 saved

The blog is a day early today as I’m going under the knife tomorrow for a minor op to be ready for the start of my very own next season of football. How very Arsenal like…

Now, we just have to start with one thing and one thing only this week. THEE incident of the week. Luis ‘bitey-man’ Suarez strikes. Again. For the third time in four years. This world cup continues to deliver entertainment and controversy, however this isn’t the kind anyone wants to see at all really.

It’s incredible to think that clubs still want to sign the guy. Barcelona still seem keen on the signing and it is clear that he will not be plying his trade in the Premier League next season. He will not like any of the negative media attention that he will undoubtedly receive if he remains here, which is why I think he will do everything in his power to leave the club. This is how he arrived at Liverpool in the first place after all.

I have spoken to a fair few Liverpool fans who genuinely believe that the reason behind his indiscretion is to engineer a move away from the club. An opinion that I believe is completely ridiculous. Footballers struggle to appear intelligent beyond the realms of the white line. Pre and post match interviews can confirm this. I can’t believe that intelligence plays any part in the heat of the moment where the game is not going your teams way. Are we really supposed to believe the man bit an opponent as he knew he would receive a large ban, then use the ban to appear miserable in the country to engineer a move away to Barcelona or Real Madrid? No is the simple answer to that.

As far as an Arsenal point of view is concerned, we’ve saved ourselves a massive headache. Yes Suarez may have potentially fired us to the title and more, however we’ve always been a club to do things by the book and with great tradition. He would have tarnished the club and put us in the same boat as Liverpool fans, some of which who are actually defending the guy with phrases like “is it worse to be spat on or bitten?” Who actually cares about that question!? No human being wants to be bitten, spat on, have bones broken or anything bad happen to them. We are in a world of constant comparison – Messi v Ronaldo, Cesc v Ozil, spit v bite. Events should be taken for that they are and appreciated or lambasted based on their occurrence alone and when things are looked at like that, with a little more objectivity, I think it becomes easier to see how good/bad they really are.

Switching back to World Cup mode, seeing Brazil go through on penalties last night as well as Columbia rather impressively sweeping Uruguay aside made for great entertainment. Part of me felt sorry to see Alexis Sanchez’s Chile knocked out in that manner, however the silver lining is that his price can’t go any higher with anymore magical performances. Go on Arsene, take a break from the beach football and sort out the Sanchez deal…please!

Until next week.


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