Fixtures, fixtures, fixtures…and England

Home game – check.
Team outside the top 4 – check.
Should be 3 points – check.

We had the above last season and we all know how that went, however something tells me this season might be a little different. Crystal Palace at home is where our quest for the title begins. I can’t help but feel as though we are going to be more prepared this time around, with a fully replenished squad, raring to go.

Although having to face Everton, Man City, Tottenham and Chelsea fairly early on in the season will prove a tough start overall to the new campaign. I think this will further reinforce the management to try and have a settled squad as early as a possible.

In terms of transfer news it seems to be apparent that we are in for and likely to get Mario Balotelli. Puma football’s official Twitter account sending a rather teasing tweet (I know, I know but I’m a serial optimist!) to suggest he could be on his way. That would definitely be a great start to the transfer window although I do hope that if it does happen it is not at the expense of Alexis Sanchez but in addition to.

Now over to England at the World Cup. So much hope from the first game. Just a few tweaks needed. So what’s the boring owl Hodgson do? Play goal crazy Danny Welbeck and Wayne Rooney out of position. Again. No risk, no reward. On the other hand Suarez was risked and Uruguay were rewarded. Hodgson wouldn’t have lost any respect if he went for youth from the start – the young Lions failing (if they did) would have been disappointing yes, but wouldn’t have been “same old England, flattering to deceive as always”. I’m making a bit of a leap here, but feel pretty strongly about it so here it goes. The way Hodgson behaved in his team selection epitomises the way English football is delivered from a grass roots level: “play the percentages”. We as a nation will never produce a Messi, a Ronaldinho or a Thierry Henry if we don’t allow freedom from a young age. All the best in the world love to express themselves on the pitch and England don’t have a player that really does that. I believe it’s a domino effect from the ground up. I used to care almost as much for England as I do for The Arsenal but that difference has turned into a chasm largely because the quality of football as well as the passion seems to have decreased, greatly. I don’t think that will ever change massively but there is much more that could be done with the England set up than is currently in place. I digress…

Coming back to All Things Arsenal, it seems to still be fairly quiet but that might begin to change as the World Cup dominos begin to fall. Hopefully we’ll get more and more excited as the better teams get knocked out transfer wise rather than now!

Have a great week.


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