Our Worst Nightmare

So folks, it happened. Our prodigal son went and joined the trophy-less ones, not that I’m bitter in any way shape or form. We also now have the confirmation of the fact we turned him down. When a player says that upon joining a new club where he is likely to be for the next 2/3 years at least it does make us as fans feel a little better. Firstly that Chelsea were not his first choice, secondly to point out that he wanted the move to the Arsenal indicates that he still cares and lastly he really had no other options.

I can’t begrudge the man as this was clearly not done through his work of trying to get a pay rise or trying to contrive a move through any other ulterior motive, he simply wants to play football in a team that can challenge for trophies – which is where he is. In addition it is not his fault that the 2 clubs he loves don’t want him there, what should he do? Retire? As I said he had little choice in the matter…

Where do we go from here?

I feel as though I can safely surmise that the majority of Arsenal fans were feeling like this at the announcement “fsdmjkfn !!!”!”$^%^^£”. However as I alluded to in last week’s post, this will put a little more pressure on Wenger to appease the fans with a few fairly big signings. As we know Wenger has never been one to give in to fan pressure, however there would be a massive majority of fans in unrest if the signings that we do make are not of the same ilk as Cesc Fabregas. Every move will be scrutinised against this transfer which in my opinion is a good thing.

I think that the fact the Cesc situation was sorted out before the World Cup gives us plenty of time and room to go and better it, in terms of the players that we actually do need. Striker, Right Back, Defensive Mid, Keeper and an Attacking Winger (in that order) are what we really need and unfortunately for Cesc, he doesn’t fit into any of those categories.

I have a feeling that we will end up buying an unheard of keeper for a relatively cheap fee and can truly see us venturing for both Alexis Sanchez and Angel DiMaria. Those 2 signings are likely to get fans excited and to forget about whether we need any further cover anywhere else. I also see us adding Serge Aurier at Right Back, however what I can’t seem to foresee who we may purchase in the Defensive Midfielder or Keeper role or who might even be available.

Onwards and upwards I say – but I truly think that Mr. Wenger will help us move on in style.

On another note, it was really good to watch England the other night (I can’t remember the last time I said that about England!) how good were the young-uns!? Roy Hodgson must go with youth from the start vs Uruguay as no amount of Jordan Henderson is going to help mask how truly terrible at the back we are!

Have a good week people.


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