Transfer Musings

After a most dramatic and relief/joy filled end to the season the summer stress has already begun; transfer worries.

For the first time in a long time, we are in a position where the best players in the world are wanting to come and play for us again. What a difference a trophy makes eh?

We as a club are in a position where it seems that Arsene Wenger can make Cesc Fabregas wait until after the other transfer business is concluded before a decision is made on whether to activate his transfer clause. Imagine, Cesc Fabregas in the ‘waiting room’ to see if he can ‘come in’. Whether you agree or not as to whether he should come back is besides the point, it speaks volumes that we are in a position to dictate this rather than last summer where any player of that calibre would have been snapped up without question.

It looks as though Wenger is looking to have an established right back brought in as well as a world class striker. They seem the priorities and if possible another addition – but as to where on the pitch this will be, is hugely dependant on the type of striker that we buy. For example if Loic Remy comes in we are likely to be able to look at someone such as DiMaria or Cesc as the money will be available. However if we go out and get either someone like Hulk or Alexis Sanchez you can easily see the money left over looking to go and get some DM cover.

Either way Wenger knows that he’ll have to produce a stellar signing with Cesc being available, else he’ll risk being on the back foot even before the season begins. Some people are saying that Cesc’s availability is making this a more complicated transfer window, however I think that it will ensure the arrival of another star similar to Mesut Ozil, which can only be a good thing.

One thing’s for sure, the summer won’t be a dull one.


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